KND004 Iron Man 3 Dum-E
Beast Kingdom

KND004 Iron Man 3 Dum-E

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Kids Nations Diorama - D004 Iron Man 3 Dum-E Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom Toys HK Distributor: Kids Logic Co Ltd UPC No.:åÊ4712896103524

100% made to movie settings of Iron Man 3


Item Number: KN-D004

UPC Number: 4712896103524

Manufactured by: Beast Kingdom Toys

Material: ABS

Sizing: H8.5 x W8.5 x L7 cm

Net Weight: 50g

Box Size: TBC

Made in China

After the launch of its ultra-popular Iron Man 3 laboratory, Beast

Kingdom is excited to introduce the Kids Nations Iron Man laboratory

 The DUM-E360 degree rotatable design replicates intricate

details from the Iron Man movie, bringing the helpful assistant DUM-E to

life. The unit is shipped with its customized dunce cap, and can be

paired with the Kids Nations DX01 deluxe set, D001 Iron Man 3 Hall of

Armor, and D002 dummy with suit up base set to recreate the classic

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